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Tessa Tarot Reader


I’m Tessa and I offer heartfelt guidance through Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. I believe a listening ear, a connection with Spirit and a beautiful set of cards can help you heal and transition to wherever you are headed.

My readings are person centred and focused on YOU and YOUR choices. I will relay whatever messages I channel from spirit. I meditate, ask for helpful information from the light and see, hear and feel messages for you.  I find that I work best with those truly invested in the reading and ready to connect and receive what is offered. Helping others and using Tarot/channelling to do so is a calling in my heart. I approach light work from an ethical stand point and strongly believe that you can shape your own future, why my readings are not prediction heavy.

I am on a major spiritual journey and have over the last 7 years gone from being a total non-believer (with a BSc in Psychology) to a Counselling postgrad student receiving psychic information and sensing spirits. In fact, I recently made the tough decision to put my studies aside for now and focus fully on my readings. The day after I made this decision Shada from Warm Hearts E-mail Readings contacted me. I don’t think it was a coincidence!

There is no need to fear my readings – I ask only of information from the light and helpful information that will help you in your current situation. I often hear/feel/see what is happening in your life at the moment which helps you know that I have connected with your energy. How does it work? Well, e.g. I recently read for a regular client of mine and saw her in the supermarket, in the fridge section, picking up a pack of meat pies, reading the ingredients and then I felt very sad. When I explained this to the client she told me this happened a couple of weeks earlier and that the sadness was what she felt when she saw all the unnatural ingredients in the item she had picked up. Occasionally I will pick up on something futuristic, e.g. I blurted out the word ‘Overture’ randomly in a reading only to receive an e-mail from the client two days later: she was waiting to go in to a job interview and realised that the company was called Overture.

Would you like to know more about what lead me down a spiritual path?

My Story…

I began sensing spirits and energy at the ripe age of 31, after an unexpected journey of spiritual awakening. Unlike what people often think, it was not due to a traumatic event but rather a calling in my heart and connection with Tarot that I first discovered 15 years ago. Over a period of five years or so I went from being a believer in nothing but science, to occasionally sensing spirits and to sensing energy almost daily. Although I am a BSc Psychology Graduate and currently completing my postgraduate studies in Counselling, I have chosen to follow the calling in my heart to help others heal through heart centred spiritual work. I am on a great journey of discovery, and each day my path gets a little clearer. I believe I am here to serve with love and compassion, through teaching, mentoring and helping others heal through Tarot & Oracle readings. When you work with me, you invest in you, and with my support you can find the area of your life that needs the most attention. Together we will work towards solutions and peace.

Love, Light & Tarot

What questions should you ask the Tarot?

It is my belief that questions about health should be left for doctors to answer. Also, I avoid answering questions about a third party that has not requested the reading (e.g. ‘What does X think about me’?). I find that the best question to ask is ‘What messages do my guides and angels have for me?’, ‘What does spirit want me to know?’ or questions such as ‘Can you give me more information about X, Y, Z so I can make a decision?’ In other words I believe psychic info works best when there is a focus area and the client has an open mind.

How do I do a reading?

I meditate, pray, protect myself in white light, ground myself and open my chakras and ask for my guides and angels to help me in each reading. I ask for information from the light and only helpful information. I then sit in silence with a notepad and write down what I see, hear, feel that spirit is channelling through me. I am also currently working on developing my automatic writing skills. When I feel that I am done with this side of the reading I select your cards using a Tarot deck and most commonly also an Angel and oracle deck. I then relay the messages to you!


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Read Tessa’s Testimonials

“Oh my gosh! I just watched your amazing video and it blew my mind. I kind of felt like i was time travelling with you through it and that we were just sharing something amazing. I can’t explain it. I had a few tears and a lot of smiles and honestly everything in your reading was spot on. THANK YOU! So much. You are an insanely amazing reader and psychic and I think that maybe even one day you could end up dropping the cards all together because what you see and what you communicated all just made so much sense!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so amazing at what you do! “
– Devina

“Tessa. Is. Amazing. Period. I have dealt with many “psychics” and I use the term loosely. The majority I find are more for entertainment and don’t put their hearts into what they do, favoring money and picking up and running with whatever loose details you provide. Tessa is NOT the majority. She really, truly puts her heart and soul into her readings. She nailed a few things that I have her no details to prior. She cares, she listens, and we carried a nice, lengthy conversation after the reading.”
– Sarah

Disclaimer: Please note, tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Readings are not given to under 18’s without parental consent. Readings are not a substitute for professional care. Your reader is not liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, and/or punitive damages.

Please Note: We do not offer refunds for completed readings which are found to contain unsatisfactory insights. Our readings are not about telling you exactly what you want to hear. Be sure that you are ready to be challenged by some of the content in a reading.


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