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I have had a passion for all things Tarot ever since I can remember. It pretty much stems from the fact that the Tarot is such a wonderful aid to know yourself, the world, and your place in the world. What is more exciting than that?!

My life has been one of challenges, including being pronounced clinically dead after having been hit by a car as a pedestrian. But what has not been so challenging is reading the Tarot for others and helping them with their concerns. Interpretation of the cards and what they may mean to someone is something I have enjoyed studying and sharing with others.

I do hope you can trust me as your reader. I will take much care to explicitly answer your questions with thorough and careful Tarot card analysis. It should be fun for each of us. So, please check out the kinds of readings I offer, ask your question, and, should you feel like it, even pick a deck! Thank you much for taking the time to read about me and my experience.

Selena’s Readings

My experience with the Tarot has lead me to conclude that there are two main types of readings: one that deals with how we relate to others, including the others that exist within us; the other kind of reading surrounds the topics involving money, career choice, or general work concerns.

For readings involving others I rely on decks that help emphasize emotion like decks with Faries. I also like to use the Deviant Moon deck and the Law of Attraction deck for these kinds of questions.

For readings concerning money, career, etc, I prefer to use the Gilded Tarot and the Universal Waite Deck. These are more straightforward and helpful as most querents appreciate such an approach with these topics. Also, I enjoy using the Law of Attraction deck and am glad to do so if it is requested.

is the deck that I use to invite Spirits to share their helpful knowledge.


Sample Snippet from one of Psychic-Medium Selena’s Tarot Readings:

Your assessment of the experience of you and your potential lover is correct, you are most definitely at an impasse. It seems that your analyzing of the situation may bring you much unneeded agony. You should consider stopping the use of all that thought and emotion as it is most unproductive. You need to take a more passive role in the situation as you may be fooled into wrongful action should you heed your analysis. Instead ask questions to others to gain answers about what to do. Reaching outward may be the solution since you could meet someone you can trust and help you preservere. Another way to escape the thought process and its supposed rationality is to further examine your dreams and intuitions. The next person you may have a romance with is someone who may be very mysterious and your instincts will help you unravel any complicating situations. There is much brightness in your future. This could mean a truthful lover or super fun boyfriend. Also, things regarding your current quandary will be ending well. The reading is clear in that as long as you focus on your goals, relationship or otherwise, you will experience the inner warmth associated with fulfilling your desires. Hang in there and good luck!   Full Sample

Featured Testimonial:

‘Thank you for the reading it seems very accurate and reflects quite a few different angles of my life, you certainly tell the situation as it is without trying to mislead in anyway. Although perhaps in certain ways not quite the answer I had hoped for, but confirms things nicely in my own mind now, nothing in life ever comes easy I now have some direction and a plan to move forward!’ – Phillip         Testimonials

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Disclaimer: Please note, tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Readings are not given to under 18’s unless parental approval is supplied. Readings are not a substitute for professional care. Your reader is not liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, and/or punitive damages.

Please Note: We do not offer refunds for completed readings which are found to contain unsatisfactory insights. Our readings are not about telling you exactly what you want to hear. Be sure that you are ready to be challenged by some of the content in a reading.


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