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I have worked with Tarot for over twenty-five years and my love for the cards is abundant and I have never in my life doubted their power, nor turned from them, even in my darkest times, and they have become a part of me in life extending my own needs to be empathic and to bring hope to others in some small way. I also see them as a gift and this is a pleasure to share.
I started reading when I was fourteen, teaching myself and then began to get braver and found that I could see so much more, so my readings do very often compose of a story with a beginning, middle and end. I also use the influences of the moon, sun, and elements and clairvoyantly pick up the colours which are working with you. I use your own guides and spiritual influences around you and even offer you insight into some of the signs and messages that may come in.
I can work predictively, having worked telephone readings and can adapt to more traditional as well as modern visionary insights. Where a specific question is asked I can show you the influences around you, helping you in direction, clarity and decisions and give you likely outcomes. I endeavour to inspire and help people, to move forward in their lives.

Things I Believe In

My animal family: 2 cats, 2 dogs, 4 hens, 2 ducks and bees elephants !

True Love, my Family & Children, Destiny, Gratitude, Our beautiful earth, and birdsong

Balance in Everything

Blues, Lilacs and White

Angels, fairies, butterflies and feathers

Friendships, Books and Dreams

Things I Like

Writing, reading, painting, growing herbs and flowers, trees, and anything that gives out life force, peacefulness, calm and roads without cars, the seashore, the woodlands, laughing, colours of life, the smell of clean linen, baked bread and lavender fields, velvet and silk fabric, white  curtains, big squishy duvets on beds, bubble baths, and every kind of chocolate cake !


My Readings

Offers personal one, two and three question & taster tarot readings:


Moon & Stars Tarot Birthday Reading
Compatibility Tarot in Love Readings


I can help you see clearer paths ahead on what is planned for you in love and relationships.


If you have complex situations, friendships, family or love, I can look at these and also am happy to look into what the compatibility lines are showing and where the future lies in a relationship both in the present and future.

Spiritual Guidance

If you have a decision or need to have insight into a future situation, I can pass back to you which guides will be around to help you and where this is heading or how to deal with it.


* Apologies I do not cover health or legal issues in my readings.




Sample Snippet from one of Izabella’s Email Tarot Readings

Spiritual Guidance Reading

Your reading is based on your own spiritual guides interacting with the tarot to bring you messages and guidance. Their interpretation unfolds the messages through the wisdom they hold of you and your destiny working with the Tarot in your life.

Destiny Overall
The sun is rising and now is seeping through to your heart and soul, creating not only a golden glow of attraction for others to see and be drawn to but also to bring light and warmth to them as they travel.

Destiny Inner Guidance
Six of Cups
The view beyond is the promise of the new dawn, the morning sun waiting patiently to break through and bring forth its inspiration of ideas, plans and a landscape of pale lilacs, blues and yet strong mountain greys to show you security and peace can be yours.

Life Lines
Let the night meet the day and look ahead to an exciting time of events, business changes, and even a little twist of luck. Dreams which you may have had for a long time begin to become possible. A very lucky time of happy days is seen which comes in and gives you security but also a warmth in your heart and soul.

Spiritual Message : The butterfly is a messenger of your dreams.        

Featured Testimonials

‘Whenever I feel down or in limbo, Izabella is there for me and she always gives me positive energy and guidance. I feel a strong and natural connection with her and I find her readings accurate and very exciting. I strongly recommend Izabella as a tarot reader and guide because, unlike other tarot readers I’ve had the chance to hire during my life, she puts all of her soul in what’s she is doing and she is truly an empath! She is also very friendly and easy to talk to. I always find it difficult to open up in front of people, but she gives me confidence and made me fully trust her.’ – Evelyn

‘I sometimes just need a boost of reassurance, and get this every time from Izabella, her warmth comes through in her words, she is just what everyone needs in their lives. I was never very strongly in belief of the tarot but she has shown me how much deeper it is and I love to read through some of the past readings and still feel the sense of calm and positive energy which I need from a reading. The best thank you x.’ – Paul, UK          More Testimonials

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Disclaimer: Please note, tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. We do not give Tarot Readings to under 18’s without parental consent. Readings are not a substitute for professional care. Your Tarot Advisor is not liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, and/or punitive damages.

Please Note: We do not offer refunds for completed readings which are found to contain unsatisfactory insights. Our readings are not about telling you exactly what you want to hear. Be sure that you are ready to be challenged by some of the content in a reading.

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