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Fiona, Warm Hearts Tarot Reader

My name is Fiona, but my friends call me Fi. I am an empathic and psychic Tarot and Lenormand card reader, Reiki/energy therapist, spiritualist, artist and writer. I do Tarot readings and Tarot with Reiki at the Airy Fairy, in Sheffield.

I have just published a deck of abstract oracle cards called the  and a Tarot Major Arcana pack called the Comic Tarot, it comes with a mini graphic novel. You may also be interested in looking at my spiritual graphic novel Annie Meets Her Higher Self, which you can preview on Amazon and Blurb Books 🙂


I use:

– Clairsentience (clear-feeling)
– Clairvoyance (clear-seeing)
– Claircognisance (clear-knowing)
– Tarot
– Reiki

I have always been a prophetic dreamer, psychic artist and empath. I am passionate about the Tarot and have over 15 different decks! I love connecting with the images. I sometimes use an obsidian scrying mirror with the card spread. I also enjoy the astrological and numerology aspects of the Tarot.

I have a broad outlook. I love reading, learning new things, travelling and meeting new people. I do home visits, parties, email and telephone readings, and I particularly enjoy working at festivals in the summer.


Fiona’s Readings

I use several different spreads when I give a reading, but my favourite spread is The 7 Card Horseshoe and I sometimes use two layers of cards when I use this spread: The first layer is to give me a quick overview and then the second layer of commentary cards, gives an other layer literally, or a second opinion and so it goes deeper in to what is going on in your life.

I welcome a reading from you, and you can ask me any question. All readings are confidential, and non-judgemental. If you would like me to send you some Reiki while doing your reading please give me your name, gender, approximate age and the area you live in.

Thank you!   Fi.

Sample Snippet from one of Fiona’s Email Tarot Readings

I picked out two really nice cards.

The first one was the Star, which tells me that whatever you have been wishing for recently has been listened to, and your deepest wishes will be fulfilled. This is one of the most positive cards of the tarot. In fact, you can’t get much more positive. This is very encouraging. It is all about new joy and hope and renewal. The Star is a card of faith, both in your own power, and in powers of the universe. Having faith in any power will allow that power to manifest in your life. Believing that something will happen is as sure a way as any to make it happen. I feel that you have been asking the universe for guidance regarding relocating to another area, and this possibility is becoming more and more tangible and real now. Now that you have been inspired, you still have much work to do in order to bring your vision into manifestation. This is a time when miracles can happen. Stay positive and carry on asking for what you want.       Full Sample

Featured Testimonial

“I often contact Fiona for a reading when I’m facing difficulties or have important decisions to make. Her readings always shed light on a situation and help to give me some clarity?” – Sarah G.    More Testimonials


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Disclaimer: Please note, tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Readings are not given to under 18’s unless parental consent is supplied. Readings are not a substitute for professional care. Your reader is not liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, and/or punitive damages.

Please Note: We do not offer refunds for completed readings which are found to contain unsatisfactory insights. Our readings are not about telling you exactly what you want to hear. Be sure that you are ready to be challenged by some of the content in a reading.


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